FPS Creator X10

FPS Creator X10

FPS Creator X10 is a program that allows you to create shooter games on Vista
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FPS Creator X10 is a program that allows you to create shooting games. It is for people who dream of creating their own games, but have no programming knowledge and enough time to do it. This software works only with Windows Vista and DirectX10 supported graphic cards. Unfortunately, this version doesn’t have demo or trial. This software enables you to create your own unique shooter game. When you start the process, the FPS Creator’s “getting started” window will appear. This dialog can be very useful. It offers you 3 tabs, offering extended cut-scene, videos with instructions, and samples levels to get you started.

It is an easy and intuitive 3D editor, which lets you make your world on the screen, using Pretabs or segments, by dragging different objects: walls, doors, windows, making 3D buildings, multi floor levels, choosing various sounds, adding your music to the game. This version has new features: a lot of effects have been added. You character can now swim, dive, gasp under the water. Also now you can put any quantity of monsters (5-10-15 and so on) even in one room, and there won’t be any playback problem.
After you create the game, it will be compiled in the editor. You should just point out the sequence of levels, game’s menu, etc. Also it is possible to create multi-player game, using LAN or Internet.

Julia Galygo
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  • Easy 3D editor
  • Doesn’t require programming knowledge
  • Library with effects, objects, sounds
  • Contains help instructions


  • No demo or trial version
  • For Windows Vista only
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